Membership FAQ

General Program Information

Question: What is the Weyerhaeuser MyDiscount program?

The Weyerhaeuser MyDiscount program is managed by Passport Unlimited and is designed to connect you with exclusive savings at many local and national vendors both online and around town. Enjoy!

Question: How can I provide feedback?

Your ideas, comments and suggestions are always welcome! If you have a question or if you'd like to make a suggestion you can send us an email at, complete the suggestion form, or call us at (800) 410-4211.

Question: Can I suggest a vendor to be added to the program?

Your ideas and input are welcome! To suggest a new vendor, please complete our vendor suggestion form to make a recommendation.

Mobile Membership Information

Question: How do I use the mobile membership?

Once you have received your new mobile membership card number via the Weyerhaeuser MyDiscount website, please download the Passport Mobile app on your smartphone then log in with your card number and email used during registration. To download the Passport Mobile app, simply visit your phone's marketplace and search for "Passport Mobile". The Passport Mobile app is available for Android and iOS devices.

If you have previously downloaded the Passport Mobile app on your device, please make sure the app has been updated to the latest version.

Question: OK. I'm all signed into the app with my mobile membership credentials. What now?

When you are at a location that accepts your MyDiscount card, there are a variety of ways to access and use your mobile membership:

  • Tap a listing to view the Details of a business' participation. Tap Use Card to display your mobile card or generate a redemption code at participating Passport Dining restaurant locations.

At Passport Dining restaurants, the app will generate a redemption code. The redemption code and card number shown should be written at the top of your receipt prior to payment. At local merchants, the app will display a live digital image of your card which should be presented to the merchant at the time of purchase.

Question: Can my spouse, partner or dependents use my mobile membership?

Yes: your spouse, partner or dependents may use your mobile membership. They will need your mobile card number and your work email address to activate the mobile membership on their devices. Since this is an employee benefit intended only for you and your immediate family, your Weyerhaeuser MyDiscount mobile membership may be activated on a maximum of 5 devices.

Question: What if I have issues using the mobile membership?

If there's an issue blocking your use of the mobile membership or if you have any further questions on how to use your mobile membership, please call Passport's Member Relations team at (800) 410-4211 or email them at Passport's Member Relations team will be able to help troubleshoot any issues that you may be experiencing.

Online Vendor Discounts

Question: How do I get my discount online?

Participating e-commerce vendors are listed throughout the site. When you click on a link to any participating e-commerce vendor, instructions for savings will be presented to you in an overlay over the vendors' website. Some vendors require that you enter a membership code during checkout; others apply the discount automatically. Simply follow the instructions shown for savings!

Question: Can I access online offers from the Passport Mobile app?

Yes: you may use the Passport Mobile app to find and access online offers in the Weyerhaeuser MyDiscount program. You will be directed to the online vendor's website from the Passport Mobile app to complete any online purchases.